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Exclusive Long Island Distributors of Moke — the Premier Carefree Lifestyle Automobile.

What began in the 1950’s as a British military invention of ingenuity and portability has become an icon of breezy style and carefree living. Introducing Moke, one of the most unique and versatile vehicles you will ever own.

Originally designed by Alec Issigonis of Austin Mini fame, the Moke’s primary purpose was to be dropped from the sky via parachute, entered quickly and driven over a variety of different terrains. Over the years, it became apparent that this unique vehicle could serve in a variety of roles — from on-deck aircraft carrier transport, to shutting generals back and forth and many other uses.

Aventura Motors is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Moke on Long Island. This limited edition collectible classic features a thoroughly modern suspension, expanded legroom, amazing sound system, and, best of all — the Moke is completely carbon free.

Moke features:

  • Electric Vehicle Option: Save the planet and your wallet with our Electric Vehicle option.
  • All New Design: Numerous updated safety and performance features.
  • Custom Options: 8 colors to choose from as numerous audio and comfort/convenience options.

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