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Mercedes Beach Runner

Mercedes Benz Beach Runner

The Mercedes Beach Runner is a perfect car for family fun on the beach and around town.  The trucks come equipped with automatic transmissions and gasoline powered Mercedes Benz engines. 

The Beach Runners started their life as Swiss Military vehicles and were restored in the Netherlands by our partners Holland America Brothers. The exterior is finished in high quality vintage Mercedes colors and can be special ordered to your preference.  These low-mileage vehicles have high quality soft tops that are designed to be easily removed in minutes. 

The front and second row seats are made by Scheel-Mann, a German company specializing in orthopedically designed seats.  The seats are very comfortable and are easy to clean and maintain.  The Beach Runner can safely transport ten occupants and has seatbelts for all.  The interior floors were coated with a black U-pol textured liner for durability and ease of cleaning.  The car is wired for sound and is ready for your choice of an audio system.  The front and rear locking differentials make it a great truck to go on the beach and get out of any uncomfortable situations.   

The Beach Runner is fully customizeable and can be ordered with a custom exterior, interior, softop, flooring and more.   Currently available in stock:


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