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Jaguar Restoration

It takes a special touch to restore a Jaguar.

At one time Jaguar was known for creating some of the most beautiful looking automobiles that consistently won Le Mans. Our experience and knowledge with these vintage pieces of art can allow the current owner to enjoy the thrill that only a Jaguar provide.

Aventura Motors has one of the finest Jaguar technicians in the country. 

When you’re ready to get your classic Jaguar back on the road, call the restoration experts at Aventura Motors: 631-283-8819.

We offer a wide range of expert restoration services for your classic Jaguar:

  • complete bodywork and metal fabrication
  • component restoration
  • engine building
  • suspension detailing
  • electrical systems repair/restoration
  • complete upholstery installation and repair
  • chrome and trim refinishing/restoration
  • performance, suspension and audio upgrades

Before we begin any project, we develop a detailed plan outlining exactly what work will be performed, the estimated time to completion and the budget.

We know classic Jaguars:

  • Specialists in XKE repair and restoration
  • large inventory of NOS trim and equipment
  • extensive knowledge in Jaguar electronics (Lucas)
  • wire wheel restoration service
  • precise carburetor/fuel delivery specialists
  • Cooling system upgrades

Take closer look at our restorations (click thumbnails to see more)

Jaguar Restoration Jaguar Restoration Jaguar Restoration Jaguar Restoration
Jaguar Restoration

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